Nov 7, 2014 pdf format the sheet music that I most frequently play. Via iTunes on my Mac mini I imported these .pdf files into forScore on the iPad. I found a.... Sep 16, 2017 With sheet music reading apps like forScore, you can also create set lists for ... I like it even better than the keyboard on my MacBook Pro.. Apr 27, 2015 Then in comes forScore - a sheet music reader app and the absolute ... In fact, it works via bluetooth so works with any iPad, Android, Mac or.... May 8, 2016 I use ForScore for all of my PDF files, either from Finale or a simple scan. ... Mac Mini 8 GB RAM Mac OS X 10.11. Using Finale since version 1.. We recommend using PageFlip page turner with ForScore, unrealBook, and ... This handy device can be paired with any Mac, PC, iPad, or Android tablet.. Compatible iPad apps include ForScore, unrealBook, Deepdish Gigbook, . ... hands-free reading on iPad/Android tablets and Windows/Mac/Linux computers.. Oct 4, 2019 For example, if you look in the Finder on a Mac, you will now see a ... I am also using it to read my scores simultaneously, in the forScore app. 538a28228e

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